This website was created by Andrew Desrosiers. I currently live in Clinton, CT. I am an avid science enthusiast with a B.S. in Meteorology and Mathematics. I perused these degrees in the Mountains of New Hampshire at Plymouth State University. Here I began to fulfill my dream of being a Meteorologist.

My desire and passion of becoming a meteorologist came from a visit from Dr. Mel Goldstein in the first grade. His stories and his love for weather instantly inspired me. I have always loved science. May it be meteorology, physics, thermodynamics, or geology, I was always fascinated by learning it and experiencing it. I remember being a little boy looking out the window during thunderstorms being fascinated by them. Throughout high school I worked for Clinton Public Schools as a student worker for the Technology Department. There I took an old weather station the school owned and created a data link to the WeatherBug. I was named in the local newspaper as the Person of the Week for this. From this job at Clinton Public Schools I became a self-proclaimed computer geek. I enjoy coding websites, programs, and learning new ways display information utilizing the internet. I also have several hobbies which include: rc flying, sports (as you can see I am at Fenway in the picture to the left), video games, learning (I'm a geek), science, air shows, skiing, music, and photography.

I decided to create this web page to continually learn and practice forecasting techniques I acquired during my undergraduate studies. I am a firm believer that a person is never finished learning outside school. I learn every day when creating a forecast. I enjoy trying to fit together weather data to create the most accurate forecast; it’s a forever changing puzzle! Another reason I created this website was to gain forecast experience. The only way to gain experience in meteorology is by doing it, therefore, I create a forecast every night once I come home from my second shift job.

During my undergraduate studies I obtained a B.S. degree in Mathematics. I decided to obtain this degree because I felt the need for further mathematics to deepen my understanding of meteorology. Mathematics, believe it or not, is used heavily in meteorology, like every other science. I completed the mathematics degree within a year following my meteorology degree. I enjoyed learning theoretical mathematics as well as applied mathematics. I can even say I understand the basic mathematics behind the Google search engine, and was able to apply it to small scale cases created by my professor in Linear Algebra! My mathematics degree was heavy in statistics as well. While completing the degree I created a Risk Model in R Statistics Package that assessed damages to a one story home in hurricane conditions. I can say this only made my understanding of meteorology and science stronger.

If you have any suggestions about this website or interested in hiring a meteorologist, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: and thank you for visiting my website.